A project log for Linkit connect with Arduino baord

Using MT7681 module form Seeed and Arduino Leonardo to build a Wifi Arduino

Will WhangWill Whang 03/26/2015 at 14:520 Comments

After some soldering and burn the Arduino bootloader,Linkit connect with Arduino is completed

for the software, I modify the sample code from Linkit connect cmd set to build a simple web server.(I'll put the details in instruction)

But this version has a little problem, I made a mistake of breaking net between 3.3V and VCC.

It has to be connected otherwise Atmega32U4 and Linkit connect module won't power up,

thankfully, the VCC output and the 3.3V output from LDO is pretty close. So I just solder a bridge to connect them.I'll update the version later on both github and OSHpark