Calibration Results + Heat Equations

A project log for Isothermal Calorimeter

This project is a Heat Conduction Isothermal Calorimeter based on the designs of Dr Lars Wadsö, Sweden.

Ahmed Hefnawi (Volta)Ahmed Hefnawi (Volta) 04/18/2015 at 02:410 Comments

Calibration Coefficient as well as baseline was calculated using the calibration procedure explained in the previous log.

\color{White} \large \color{White} \large \varepsilon = 21.707,  U_{bl} = 62.50 \mu V

Next, I'll start calculating the heat of hydration for a cement sample with the help of a PhD student at my University.

\color{White} \large U(t\big) =  U(t\big) - U_{bl}

\color{White} \large P \big(t\big) =  \varepsilon . U(t\big) \color{White} \large Q=  \int_{t=t_{i}}^{t_{f}} P . dt \color{White} \large Q \big(t_{f}\big) =  \frac{Q}{m_{c}}Where,

U: Calorimeter Output in Volts (V)

P: Thermal Power in Watts (W)

Q: Heat Produced in Joules (J) or J/g

mc: Cement Weight in grams (g)

The duration of the experiment will be 3 days.

Also the calorimeter readings are logged every 5 seconds onto the microSD card.