A project log for Arcus-3D-P1 - Pick and Place for 3D printers

Open source, mostly 3D printable, lightweight pick and place head for a standard groove mount

daren-schwenkeDaren Schwenke 10/17/2018 at 03:530 Comments

I've had some personal stuff come up which has consumed a few weeks here, and will probably consume a lot more.  However, tonight I have some time.

So, I'm designing a board in Kicad for this to run on a Pocketbeagle.  If I can pull this off, I should have just enough time to have the parts and board in hand. 

Then, I can have this build itself for my entry video.  :)

Oh.. have I mentioned I've never actually designed a board in Kicad before?  I just downloaded it.  I have watched a couple tutorials so this may work..  

Most stuff I've done was just deadbugged or hand routed.  The 'best' work I've done up to point this was routed in my head, drawn using Gimp, printed on transparencies, and transferred using some spray photoresist.  That was an arcade cabinet Jamma 4 board switch.

Wish me luck..


Well that was confusing.  Turns out if you install the kicad-libraries meta-package, it doesn't install the symbols, but marks them as installed.  So... no parts.  Hours later, removed, purged, installed each package by itself.. now downloading 360mb.  That's better.