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A project log for Educational Escape Room

I am designing an escape room for elementary school students that is semi--modular and curriculum linked.

chuck-buckleyChuck Buckley 04/22/2018 at 00:020 Comments

Blog 3: after spinning my wheels for several days, it was my wife’s suggestion of purchasing some multi colored bike locks at The Dollar Tree that finally sent me in the correct direction for how I was going to create this escape room. I have now been able to design a series of puzzles that center around four boxes that include a puzzle that involves counting, a puzzle that involves figuring out what certain numbers mean, creative organization of a deck of cards, using color-coded clues to identify which pieces along with which puzzles, and finally opening three different bike locks around a very nice case to solve a cryptex. The picture that I have is the current flow that I will be using for my escape room. Does include spoilers, so be forewarned. My last puzzle, and arguably the most complicated puzzle (The one that I have not fully determined how I’m going to get done), will involve magnets in someway. If each of the puzzles gets solved within 4 to 7 minutes, the participants should be able to get out of the room within 45 minutes. I don’t know if they’re particularly complicated, the cart one is a little time-consuming, as is the puzzle to open the directional lock, but I think it will be handled.