Delays and the timed RF blaster

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conradcnconradcn 04/11/2014 at 18:080 Comments

The sonic screwdriver is on backorder, and I am still designing the enclosures for the various electrical bits (and putting the finishing touches on my new PrinrBot so I can fab them), but I'd like to take the time to talk about the timed RF blaster I'm using to turn the TV on and off for the FitBit display:

It uses the PWM output of the Arduino for relatively close measurement of time, and the IRRemote library for communication with the RF I/O. It has a simple interface. When it sees an IR input at the input, it keeps it in memory and plays it back every day at the same time. It's very simple, but produces exactly the effect it needs to, and without any significant time commitment. As with everything else, code will be put in the GitHub repo as soon as I get around to it.