How long it takes for things to arrive in Brazil

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Saving the planet from global warming requires monitoring the weather, so having a weather station is the least we all can do to help

clovis-fritzenClovis Fritzen 04/09/2015 at 19:131 Comment

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to keep you updated on the progress of my project: it has been waiting for components from China for almost 60 days now!. I live here in Brazil (South America), where things from eBay, AliExpress, etc take forever to arrive (due to our horribly slow state-run mail system!!).

Anyway, as thing slowly arrive to me, I make some progress: I have everything shown in the picture below, but still miss the following:

A) DIL16 socket for ATMEGA328 (Arduino),

B) BMP180 pressure/temperature sensor.

When I receive at least the DIL socket on the mail I will be able to start testing my neat little weather station, so stay tuned :)


rpdox wrote 05/29/2015 at 07:49 point

I buy a lot of things from china and maybe I can plot the results in a chart. But I think is not linear. Maybe 60 days minimum, 120 days maximum. But  once I had luck and receive my packge by two weeks in São Paulo. Maybe is dependant of Correios volume. It's a mistery. And be prepared to lost some packages.

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