ATX Power supply test-circuit

Is my ATX-Power-Supply OK ?

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Simple test circuit for ATX Powerunit

My idea was to build a simple circuit to show if the ATX Power-Supply is working or not. There are lots of nice test circuits based on microcontrollers which show you the exact Voltage of each power wire of the supply but if you are just worrying if the supply is simply dead or has just a brown out because of too much power drain these nifty things are for me way too complicated.

So I decided to design a simple circuit fitting on a 80x100 mm PCB with just LEDs showing which supplied voltage was OK. In the process I chose to display them in the manner of the connector pinout, each LED in the color used in electronics. (Just -12V I displayed with a blue LED, they're just cool ;-) )

The files for the case of the board will be published shortly, there's Version 2 upcoming :-)

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