A project log for AquaGrow

A grow light for the AquaFarm created by Back To The Roots

bveenemabveenema 03/12/2014 at 23:390 Comments

This is the first log post for this project.  Currently, I have done some research on LED grow lights.  To some it up, the information is scattered and conflicting.  From what I've gathered, Red and Blue are the main colors you want to work with.  Cannibus growers seem to prefer one or the other although they don't seem to agree which is more important. Since I'm not trying to grow weed, I'm just going to try a mix of both.  Right now I am germinating basil seeds and will test. 3 Blue and 3 Red high power LEDs.

While this test is going on, I'm refining the design of the aluminum chassis and logging temperatures of the LED's and temporary aluminum plate they are mounted to.  Trying to keep temperatures low enough for the LED's to last a long time.

Progress will probably be slow due to my work schedule but I'll try to keep things moving even if just a little bit.