• Op Amp Section Works!

    Emach0006/25/2018 at 15:59 0 comments

    Finally got around to testing the op-amp section of the circuit. It works as advertised. The linearity is pretty good. :) 

    Still need to get around to putting this onto protoboard and into a project box. 

  • Breadboard!

    Emach0003/14/2018 at 18:05 0 comments

    Built A breadboard version of the circuit. Checked out the linear supply and the switched capacitor supply. Haven't had a chance yet to try the op-amp section. Eventually plan to move everything to protoboard and a project box if the breadboard version pans out. 

  • Another Round

    Emach0002/13/2018 at 21:30 2 comments

    Following advice, I used the 3.3V as my bias voltage. Can't quite seem to get it down to 0V but this would work too with minimal additional components. 

  • Another way to skin the cat

    Emach0002/06/2018 at 19:16 0 comments

    @K.C. Lee suggested using a resistor divider network with a bias voltage to scale and shift the +/- 10V to 0-3.3V. Duh! Why didn't I think of that? Added a LTSpice schematic and output plots of a circuit that gets the job done. I've already ordered the uber expensive LT op-amp, switched capacitance bipolar power supply, and linear regulator for the gen 1 design. Diligently pursuing sunk cost fallacy, I will build up and use the op-amp version for now. For the cost of a semi-precision 10V linear regulator and a few resistors I could've been down the road. Live and learn I guess. Thanks again @K.C. Lee!