• Enclosure and future plans

    Adam03/23/2014 at 17:45 0 comments

    So, I just got a dremel yesterday, and today's build log will be all about designing and building the enclosure.  I've been off for a while due to a large amount of schoolwork, but now I can get back to designing HAL.  As well as including classic movie quotes, I plan on using the Wolfram Alpha API to answer any and every question.  For the hardware, I plan on either using an old android phone that I have lying around, the LG optimus elite.  If I go with the former, I'm going to have to buy a microphone and configure it, which I would rather not do.  With the latter, I already have a build in android mic so it would be a 'simple' matter of learning java AGAIN, then coding an app using the google voice recognition protocol.  I would appreciate it very much if y'all left your opinion in the comments!


    I have tons of cases and stuff from DVD players, VCR's, Disk replicators, ETC that I've taken apart over the years.  

    Nevermind.  In the end I decided to go with my beloved non-working PC, which will be the brains of the operation, booted off a linux stick due to a failing hard drive.  I'll be using steven hicksons AUI voice command program, if I can get it to run.  Otherwise,  I'll probably code my own.  THe specs of the computer for those wondering are:

    Intel i5-2320

    ASUS P7H55-M PRO motherboard

    Stock cooler

    Logisys case w/ PSU


    32 GB usb flash drive running my custom linux distro

    GTX 620 (Got it for free with the rest of the parts, can't afford anything better)

    The front of the case is a plexiglass panel, which I plan on replacing/painting.  For the 'eye' I'm going to drill a hole in the side for the LED, then Epoxy the dome on.  Pix in the next build log!!

  • Building the 'eye'

    Adam03/13/2014 at 03:02 1 comment

    This is the project log for the 'eye' assembly

    First, I hooked up the LED to USB, because it'll eventually be on a raspberry pi.

    then I needed the lens, so I looked for various round objects, and finally settled on half a christmas light globe.  That was then colored in with sharpie, masked on the inside to prevent light from coming though other than the center.  See some of the photos on the main build page.  The next step will be an enclosure, which I will build as soon as I get the charger for my drill.  completely broke at the moment, so this will be a very low budget build.  It'll be about a week before I can afford the charger, so see y'all then!