Machine learning arm?

A project log for Lazy Cleaner 9000

A robot that can clean an area of human liter in an autonomous fashion for easier disposal.

BDMBDM 06/27/2015 at 15:160 Comments

I did a little research yesterday in how to figure out the best way to have the robot pick up objects and place into "the mouth". This weekend @ night I'll look more into this but I may need to install PyBrain onto the Pi to assist with this. It seems like one way to to this. I'll also post more details on the mouth. I have some roomba wheels which will feed pull objects in :).

I am new to robotics to I have a theory (which is probably wrong). Do I really need depth? Can it be simulated with a single camera? Is everything just a co-ordinate since all distances are limited by the arms (move arm to approximate coordinate, distance measure to object on arm, finish grasp)?

just in case I'm keeping these links safe for later.

Kinect stuff:

Machine Learning Links: