3D printed universal cable fix

Fixing a Jenal mic chord using a 3D printed enclosure

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I needed to fix a Jenal microphone chord using some very good solution that will not require changing the entire chord. This meant that the fix needed to be water tight, to be mechanically strong, to be something else than simple heat shrink or insulating tape. The mic basically belongs to someone who uses it in the middle of the PNG rain forest and it was chewed by a rat. Check also the followup project with more designs of splice boxes like this one:

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    Insert the wires into the join box

    Insert both sides of the cable into the box and have them ready for connecting.

  • 2
    Secure the cables

    Use some cable ties to secure the cable inside the box. You would have to use the 2mm ones or even thinner.

  • 3
    Solder the wires

    Use some heat shrink tube and place it on tot he wires before soldering. After joining the wires, heat the tubes to shrink them:

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Marius Taciuc wrote 02/17/2018 at 07:47 point

Thank you, Mike. The video looks good. Thanks to all your colleagues and editors at hackaday for involving in creating and supporting this virtual space. I believe hackaday is a good learning tool; an environment full of the latest articles, interesting discussions, posts and good ideas. Even a skilled person or an experienced engineer can find new and interesting information in this place. (Thumbs up! )

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Mike Szczys wrote 02/16/2018 at 19:59 point

I really like this one Marius. It's different from just printing a replacement part by facilitating the repair.

We got a little caught up in the excitement for this and actually featured it twice. The most recent article was just published, along with a video Jordon made to help show off how you did this one:

Nice job!

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