3d mapping technology is godsend for gold miners as gold tends to accumulate in areas where rivers turn and dip and 3d maps would allow them to pinpoint the next mining location. Most small gold miners don't have access to mapping technology due to the required skill set and high cost of entry and we want to help.

How does it make the 3d maps?

The quadcopter uses GPS assistance to fly in a grid pattern and stabilise after the user designates the area to be mapped using computer software. A open program called Pix4D then stitches together the geotagged high-res rapid fire photos into a 1CM accurate point cloud.

How is it affordable?

Most mapping quadcopter use heavy DSLR cameras set in a rapid fire mode to shoot the images. This raises the cost of the quadcopter to multiple thousands of dollars. With the rise of light, affordable 4K quality action cameras, we have made it possible to use a sub 1kg size drone to take a 4K video, which then can be converted into high resolution still images.