A delay

A project log for Personal Medical Assistant

A set of sensors and an App that warn you before something bad happens.

Daniel DmitrzakDaniel Dmitrzak 04/13/2015 at 18:280 Comments

My project drew much more attention than I expected. Thanks to everyone who is following PMA or gave it a skull. Also a big "Thank you" for awarding it with a prize in "Aging in Place" category. I can't express how encouraging and motivating it is for me.

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, not much was done to bring it closer to the reality since last update. My Final Exams start in two weeks and I'm very busy studying, filing papers and applications, looking for scholarships and accommodation, etc. Don't worry though. Some research is still being done. I've found terabytes of EEG data and information about algorithms which can predict epileptic seizures with about 86% accuracy. I'm hoping to incorporate them into my project.

Sorry for a delay and thanks in advance for understanding.