Superhero Arm

Adaptive, playful children’s prosthetic arm

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I met Aidan Robinson though a summer camp called Superhero Cyborgs where kids got the opportunity to design their own prosthetic devices or exoskeletons. Aidan had some really amazing ideas about what he wanted to see in his own prosthetics, and I decided to take some of these ideas to the next level.

The first innovation Aidan was imagining had to do with the socket portion of his prosthetic arm. Everyone knows that children grow quickly. Kids with limb differences are no different in this way from the rest of us. Prosthetic sockets, though are made from rigid materials that cannot change size as kids grow.

His second idea was to create what he called a ‘swiss army knife’ of prosthetic attachments. Rather than creating a device with a hook or semi-functional mechanical hand, Aidan and I decided to create an arsenal of kid-friendly and functional attachments.

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