Version 0.2 - 2-layer board

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Simplified AVR Prototyping with a breadboard-friendly breakout

andrew-retallackAndrew Retallack 03/13/2014 at 12:160 Comments

A Two-Layer Breakout

We were happy with our one-sided self-etched board as a proof of concept, and were now ready to move onto something that would approach a final product. We made a number of changes to the design, which meant we needed to move to a two-layer PCB:

Building a professional prototype PCB

After a load of research, and hearing of them on a few respected posdcasts, we uploaded our EagleCAD .brd files to OSHPark. They are extremely competitive, turnaround times are good for our purposes, and it’s great to support a small company. The render of our board is shown in this post.

OSHPark kept us in the loop, and the boards were shipped. The wait was nearly over – we couldn’t wait to get a purple PCB in our hands!