Smaller version, New Software

A project log for Muffsy Stereo Relay Input Selector

Open Source, versatile audio relay input selector controlled by an ESP32

skrodahlskrodahl 11/02/2018 at 09:220 Comments

I found that I needed a smaller board, so I've shaved of about an inch of the PCB's width. It's now about the size of a standard Post-It.

 I've also added another 5V controllable output on IO17, since I need to use a solid state relay to power on and off a power amp. 

The Eagle design files and Gerber files are available in the Files section as

Improved software for the ESP32 is available on github

The ESP connects to your wireless networks and presents a web page with buttons to select inputs. It also has an HTTP GET API if you want to make your own web page for it.