• Upgrades

    Jordan03/04/2016 at 19:29 0 comments

    SO i got it to move, but my program i was trying to use didn't spit out G-code that was accurately interpreted. I used some more basic G-code generators and got it to writ my initials in 2 x 4, which was cool.

    I bought the X-Carve upgrade, i really like the solid extrusion for the x-carriage, and am in process of rebuilding the machine with those upgrades.

    I'll post pictures once i get it re-assembled with the X-carve components and Homing switches.

    Now i need a good project to use it on. I am thinking of laying out a kind of 3d carving that would span multiple 8" x 2' sections that could be assembled either via biscuits or a backing board.

    I need a cool picture to engrave.

  • Lesson Learned. KISS.

    Jordan05/14/2015 at 19:26 0 comments

    My work has been crazy lately, but i carved out enough time to generate some gcode to test out my machine. it ran, but instead of my name, 3 sets of random squiggleys came out. I need to figure out what is going on, and where the problem is lesson learned- do a Square first to see what axis is screwing up where. Til next time i get to mess with it.

  • GRBLweb to the rescue

    Jordan04/12/2015 at 23:33 0 comments

    My linux -fu weakness was overcome with a change to GRBLweb - http://xyzbots.com/grblweb.html - they had a ready made image i was able to flash to my pi and now it works.

    I then found out that getting grbl to think its moving 1 mm and actually move 1 mm is a little more difficult than i originally thought. after running around the shapeoko forums looking for help, i found this very cool website - http://homepage.ntlworld.com/r.j.noble/ShapeOko/grblcalc/ - and it was very helpful in getting my grbl settings dialed in.

    So it's now dialed in. Now onto the calibration job!

  • Linux-fu level = Noob

    Jordan03/11/2015 at 11:55 0 comments

    So last night my Linux-fu and github-fu were weak. I was unable to figure out how to swap out Foosel's OctoPrint git for PxT's OctoPrint git. since its the same name, it wouldn't install on top of the other. i did learn that ther is a difference beween a branch and a fork, which i did not know until last night.

    So, since the shortcut is not available, i am going to have to create an image from a fresh Raspbian install, so much fun. I started last night, but am already running into problems. it seems that the fork of OctoPrint that PxT developed is quite old and a lot of the current wiki for Foosel's OctoPrint, which PxT says to look at, is no longer valid. makes me wonder if i can grab the wiki on Github from a year ago.

    well, i knew it wouldn't be easy, and i have wanted to get to know the pi more, its just a bit frustrating that this will delay the use of my CNC. I guess ic ould find a native linux gcode sender and start testing using that way, but i really like the idea of letting it just sit there and go via OctoPrint. plus the automatic Time Lapse feature is awesome.