GRBLweb to the rescue

A project log for Yet Another Franken-shapeoko

I am hacking together a shapeoko, integrating a raspberry pi as the controller and hope to utilize Octoprint to run my cnc remotely.

JordanJordan 04/12/2015 at 23:330 Comments

My linux -fu weakness was overcome with a change to GRBLweb - - they had a ready made image i was able to flash to my pi and now it works.

I then found out that getting grbl to think its moving 1 mm and actually move 1 mm is a little more difficult than i originally thought. after running around the shapeoko forums looking for help, i found this very cool website - - and it was very helpful in getting my grbl settings dialed in.

So it's now dialed in. Now onto the calibration job!