Handheld AirQuality Detection and Wireless NODE

Using an Arduino and a LCD Display. Determines air quality with detachable wireless sensor and uses Recycled parts

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Objective Option 1 -

In the spirit of hacking parts together to not create more waste to create a sensor system that can be portable and sensitive enough to get accurate results from the field either in close proximity or form a safe distance.

To use recycled parts hacked together to make a handheld air quality Sensor instrument and the use of a node that can be deployed wireless from a safe distance. Measuring can be done from either the proximity of the device or from the wireless node sensor.

Objective Option 2 -

Still using some recycled parts however new sensors have been used to preserve accuracy and all other parts that can be hacked are used instead.

  • 2 × DHT11 (option 1) Temperature and Humidty Sensor
  • 1 × 20x4 Blue LCD (option 1)
  • 1 × Recycled Humidty Sensor (option 2)
  • 2 × RF TX Module
  • 2 × RF RX Module

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