1st Video + more

A project log for IAMCIty = )

Secure IoT idea for “Intelligent Autonomous system for Monitoring and Control of Intersections” brought to life with #2015HackadayPrize

Dimitar TomovDimitar Tomov 08/18/2015 at 00:230 Comments

Published 1st Video of 2mins to meet Stage 2 requirements. Had a lot of difficulties with the video editing, disturbing to found out that under Linux it has not been improved a lot. Regardless video is a fact and will be continuing to update.

New updates:

1. Link to video on youtube added in main project description.

2. Link to presentation (updated) used in the video

3. Added TPM as part of components list, will update with exact part number asap. The issue is to find easy to use package and to find TPM 2.x and not TPM1.x ,which have a big difference.

4. Will push TPM related code this weekend, also I think is best to fork the Trusted U-boot on IAMCIty GitLab repo and to push the 3.14 official BSP kernel. If possible will use 4.1 kernel as it's the next LTS and must have even better SoloX support than 3.14.

5. On hardware , expect the TPM search I'm doing, will ping F&S for the HW platform status.

- Also need to notify you, as well them, that will have to use an usb camera interface for the IAMCIty PoC. That I think will also accelerate the HW platform arrival.

Time constrains are more tight than I initially thought. Even maybe understood, but that's for me to deal with ;-)

Will do my best this weekend to push 1 more update about TPM, HW platform and some source code for the attestation part. Also maybe I can provide some info on DSP and GNU octave, but am not yet sure.

Thanks once more for your interest and time!