Project AirWAVE

Project AirWAVE is a connected worldwide grid of air purification and air quality monitoring devices

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My project idea is one that is worldwide connected, which monitors, measures and purifies air through ionization and shares this air quality data with the world.

Air is the single most important gas required for organisms. Pollution and other industrial processes are creating a problem which needs to be addressed. By connecting a worldwide grid of air purification and quality measurement devices we can track global pollution and transmission rates, as well as country's efforts in reducing their carbon footprint.

My IoT device (prototype) will house an onboard gadgeteer board running with an array of air quality sensors. Solar panels will provide the power needed to run the sensor core and the ionizer.

Using an Azure powered backend service for capturing the data, by each geographic, the world will then be able to perform analytics on the collected data.


  • Ozone (raw / changed)
  • Methane
  • General Air Quality:
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Ammonia (NH3)
    • Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
    • Alcohols (+OH)
    • Benzene (C6H6)
    • Smoke
  • Hydrogen Sensor
  • Barometric sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor


- The Ionizer, a repurposed plasma cannon, will clean the air of potentially dangerous pathogens and also create more ozone in the process. By taking two measurements (before and after) we can calculate how much ozone is being generated. The ionizer has a two fold effect of also moving air through the sensor tube pulling new air over the sensors.

- Ionizer: the outer end of the sensor tube will be lined with copper sheet. A stainless steel needle, coupled to a high voltage generator, will be inserted into the tube and allow ions to propagate onto the copper sheet - creating ionization.

- The air will propagate through a sensor tube taking initial measurements, then performing ionization on the incoming air and monitoring ozone levels on the outgoing wind stream. (Wind stream because the ionizer creates a mild wind current).

- Measurement data is then uploaded real-time to the monitor network and if a connection is not available it is temporarily logged to the unit until one eventuates.

- Because air pressure and temperature play a key role in gas concentrations in the atmosphere, temperature, humidity and barometric readings will be taken at the same time, and with the right analytics we could even predict future changes in harmful elements.

- The use of solar power and battery backup will allow the unit to be portable, being able to be deployed remotely it will facilitate the collection of environmental data in otherwise access restricted areas. A delivery drone would be the perfect vehicle for this.

  • 1 × GHI FEZ Spider GHI Mainboard (.NET Gadgeteer)
  • 1 × GHI USB DP Client Standard GHI power control module
  • 1 × GHI Ethernet module Communications
  • 1 × GHI SD Card module Offline storage and logging
  • 6 × GHI GasSense module Generic module for MQ type sensors

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  • Phase 1 update

    Chris K03/25/2015 at 04:43 0 comments

    So I've gathered a list of the components that I'll use for my first phase (see components). To keep it modular and easy to prototype I've opted for Gadgeteer products and I'll leave the ionizer and solar power source out for now to focus on the analysis side of things. Once that is all up and running I'll add the ionizer, solar and WiFI connectivity. With a bit of luck the ionizer won't cause issues with the electronics... My aim is for each device to be rooftop mounted and perform various air quality measurements and report back. The ionizer ties in by purifying the air, regenerating ozone (hopefully) and we measure the net difference after ionizing.

    Each device will record it's location and we can then track shifts in air quality across the globe, predict air quality changes and even gather intelligence for use in early fire alert systems - using the smoke sensor.

    My plan is to make it open source so anyone can adapt it. I'd also like to make it easy enough to build so that it can be used in a class room setting.

    More info to come with builds and other development notes soon.

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