Custom ADC ready!

A project log for Chocometer

Chocometer is an open source near infrared sensor aiming glucose measurements without pain.

marcelclaromarcelclaro 04/16/2015 at 02:510 Comments

The PCB from OSHPark arrived some days ago and I finished the solder. I used a conventional solder iron, so it takes some time! :)

I did some tests and the electronics works fine! I will post more details in the next few days.

But, bad luck! The x-axis stepper motor drive from the 3D printer (I'm using a printrboard) bugged few minutes before the first print, so, I need to wait a replacement from ebay. A RAMPS 1.4 board with extra Pololu.

Since the reproductibility of measurement is very important, I will wait for a proper diode and led support for the real tests