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A project log for Chocometer

Chocometer is an open source near infrared sensor aiming glucose measurements without pain.

marcelclaromarcelclaro 05/23/2015 at 20:010 Comments

Today I start to colect the raw data with 5s integration time.

In the first columns I read the ambient+LED emission without any absorber, next with absorber (the earlobe), next the calculated transmission and finally the glucose level by a Optium Xceed glucometer.

I did 5 measurements in 5 differentes earlobe position (I always need to take of from the earlobe to measure the values without earlobe).

I plan to do it for the next days while I design a definitive and portable version of this hardware. As I win a LightBlue Bean, is a good idea to use it to get the data from my phone.