Transforming plastic waste into usable material

Using simple heating resistors we can turn all types of plastics into usable material

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Thousands of plastic products are dumped into the oceans, in the streets of some cities and landfills, a plastic bottle takes over 450 years to completely degrade. So the project consists of a machine to crush, melt and make this product into usable material again. Different types of plastic can be processed.

The whole idea is to create a machine to help us recycle plastic products by turning them into usable material that you can utilize for many applications. The plastic will go into a first container to crush it into smaller pieces, then it will go to the second container where an electrical heater will melt it and to the final stage, pressure will be applied to make plastic sheets. A microcontroller will be used for controlling the motors and the electrical resistors. I still haven't decided on what I'm gonna use, an arduino, a pic or even another type of circuit (I have two FPGA's, may find some use in this project).

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