A2RPi v2.0

an adapter to host a Raspberry Pi inside your Apple II

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This is a revision of a design I built a few years corrects some interference issues with the original design. I also took the opportunity to bring the design over from gEDA to KiCad (though about the only part of the original design that was actually ported was the edge connector, and that was then tweaked a bit).

I have the first batch of boards out to Elecrow...will probably be about a month before I see them.

KiCad files, BOM, and Gerbers (both for a single board and 2-up panelized) are here:

  • Fixed a couple of errors that were unlikely to cause problems

    Scott Alfter02/28/2018 at 15:48 0 comments

    I loaded the board design into the 3D viewer to see what it'd look like in there.  The 6551 wasn't showing up because the selected model was for a socket and the model wasn't present.  No big deal...change it to the proper 28-pin DIP and it came right up.

    I then noticed that the edge connector was showing up gray instead of gold.  The paste layer was enabled for the pins.  After fixing one pad in pcbnew, I loaded the file into a text editor to fix the others.  Told pcbnew to reload the footprint, went to the 3D viewer...edge connector's now gold, as you can see in the renders.  Shiny!

    Except for 6551s, I think I have all of the parts on order.  For the first build, I'll probably just desolder the 6551 from the old-version board I built up a while back.  These ones will be built with sockets to avoid the need for desoldering them in the future.

  • Boards are on their way

    Scott Alfter02/13/2018 at 05:45 0 comments

    Boards are on their way.  Email arrived (last week, it turns out) with the tracking number and a photo of the invoice and the stack of boards, which I've cropped and rotated.

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