Simple fix for a tire pump

3D printed a lever for a tire pump, since the original part crumbled to pieces years ago.

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Had this tire pump for years (brand new!), but couldn't use it since the locking lever to the tire valve at the end of the hose had crumbled to pieces. Since I finally got my new 3D printer, decided to eyeball a replacement part. First print was quick and dirty to see if the physical measurements were in the ball park, second print (of much better quality) fits almost perfectly.I used Sketchup as the modeling software since i'm used to it. Exported the model as STL, but it turns out that Cura doesn't like models from sketchup, hence the printed lever without a hole...Did some research and found, which fixes errors in 3D models. Uploaded the model and printed the result, which fits almost perfectly (hinge hole is a bit too big).Conclusion: still need to check that the tire pump works ok (air isn't escaping the tire va

handle v2_fixed.stl

Final STL of the lever that worked

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 16.10 kB - 02/02/2018 at 20:05


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