An Epic Water Meter Fail

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Luke BenoLuke Beno 08/30/2015 at 03:240 Comments

Ok so an interesting side story here. 12 days ago I wrote a little blurb about my water meter project. Well I learned one valuable lesson this past weekend. We were away from our home Thursday through Sunday spending some time up north at a cabin. When I got back home I walked in the house and heard a familiar noise, what was it, it sounded like the water was running...

So I wish that I took a picture but long story short, a fitting on out outside garden hose had come loose and popped out. Since faucet that this hose was attached to was turned on, the hose happily started pouring out water onto the ground, 1 ft from my basement wall.

Going back to and looking at the data, it left little to the imagination:

Yep, it looks like this happened at about 1pm on Friday and water continued to flow out of the hose at around 3-4 Gallons per minute for at least 48 hours. Overall totalling over 9100 gallons of water lost! Here is the cumulative chart:

Over the last 6 days, my family of 4 consumed just 653 gallons, but due to this leak, the bill is going to be a little higher this month.

The moral of the story, I need to take some time to add a alert feature to my code!