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Luke BenoLuke Beno 09/09/2015 at 04:480 Comments

Looking back, it is really hard to think about what the internet was like before YouTube. Back when YouTube was just getting started, the web had a problem with video. The issue was that there was just not an easy way to add video content to a web page or share video content with others.

Still today I see the same problem with sensor data and this is what inspired me to create an "embed" function within The embed feature allows users of to add an interactive plot of their sensor data into their personal web page, blog our forum just by adding one simple html snippet like the one below:

<iframe src="" height = "400px" width="800px" scrolling="no" style="border:0"></iframe>
This feature is already in use by some users and fully integrated into the forum. Here is an excellent blog post from

Here's an example of a discussion thread including live data:

Here are some personal Blog Examples:

What is also exciting is that for each stream, is capable of tracking where a particular stream has been embedded to give the viewer even more context about the stream:

An index is also provided:

With all of the great IoT projects on, It would be awesome to someday see embedding enabled here as well. It is as simple as adding a BBCode to the text editor and getting it setup to accept the iFrame.

If you are reading this and would like embed data in your blog, website, forum, etc, please leave a comment, I would be happy to help!