200v test run of inverter and transmission

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mauswerkzmauswerkz 05/25/2015 at 19:093 Comments

Okay, something more exciting to show. I got the charger out of a Chevy Volt working so I quickly hooked it up to my inverter as a power supply to try it out. I set it to its lowest setting (200v). The inverter is still running on the breadboard and Arduino with no current sensing but it does have motor position sensing. If you saw my video from back on the 2nd of this running on 12v, 200v will look a bit more impressive. Again, the final voltage will be 650v.

The LEDs that light up are connected to the oil pressure sensors in the transmission. The input shaft isn't locked yet so it spins with the motor and turns the internal pump. Once the input shaft is locked, I'll have to use the electric oil pump. Interesting fact, the transmission defaults to the high speed gear unless I drive the solenoids to get it do downshift to the low speed gear. This is so that if a solenoid or pump fails at high speed, the transmission won't downshift and overspeed the motor.


Ned.funnell wrote 02/25/2017 at 22:58 point

Will you be using the Volt charger for the actual build? Do you have it fully functional?

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mauswerkz wrote 02/25/2017 at 23:26 point

Yep! See the later project logs to see it installed.

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Ned.funnell wrote 02/25/2017 at 23:34 point

Sweet, will do.

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