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mauswerkzmauswerkz 02/14/2017 at 05:172 Comments

I spent some time over the past weekend making my project touch-safe. With my newly aquired 3D printer and some orange PLA, I modeled up a 3-piece insulator/housing for the high-voltage inlet to the inverter. This had previously been simply two copper posts with cables connected to them. Now those posts are housed in PLA, with some semblance of water proofing, and fully enclosed so that it can be shown off without worry of someone touching a live conductor.

Shown here is the full printed assembly, with copper installed. As well as the assembly steps. The base piece fits in to the oval shaped hole on the inverter, and is glued in to place with RTV.

The first cable (+) connects to the shorter post, with O-ring around the sheath for sealing. There is sealing foam on both sides of the middle piece, which gets installed next.

The other cable (-) gets installed on the remaining post and the cap is installed.

4 screws are used to secure the stack together around the cables, engaging with captive nuts on the bottom layer. I'm very pleased with how it all goes together, even though it's not as water tight as I'd hope due to some bending of the cable lugs during crimping.


Hairo esteban wrote 01/23/2020 at 23:56 point

is there anyway you can share the stl for the box. Thanks in advance 

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Jo wrote 04/17/2017 at 21:14 point

Love your attention to detail here!!

Any further updates?

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