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RodolpheHRodolpheH 04/15/2014 at 16:370 Comments

Just a small project log to say that I've installed a Pi Supply on my Raspberry Pi in order to bring ATX-style power supply to it. 

The Pi Supply website gives a script to run on the Raspberry Pi to detect a button press from the Pi Supply and halt safely. Since I'm using Arch Linux with no X and the Pi Supply script is made to be run on an LXDE environment, I though I should make my own script and systemd service.

You can find it on my GitHub. If you wish to install it on your system, you should do:

# git clone
# make install

If you want to remove it, you can do:

# make remove

If you want to start the service on boot, do:

# systemctl enable softshut

After rebooting you should be able to shutdown safely your Raspberry Pi just by pressing the soft shutdown button on the Pi Supply.

Note: you need python2 and python2-raspberry-gpio to run this script. You can find the last one in the AUR (only for Arch Linux users).

N.B: I've also installed a Pololu U3V12F12 to get 12V for the TX433. For the moment, I can't tell if it's better since I'm more working on my Sci-Fi contest project than on my RaspBox but I will get you informed soon.