Getting Started

A project log for Smart Hydroponic GreenHouse

A Hydroponic/Greenhouse system that has been automated as much as possible to remove the maintenance burden of these systems from the user.

tom-van-den-bonTom Van den Bon 06/15/2015 at 12:540 Comments

ok, so I managed to get going with my project this weekend. I'm starting with the physical aspect of the build. Building a frame that will hold everything and become the 'GreenHouse'. I started putting together a frame using acrylic and openbeam. I like the idea of using openbeam since I can easily 3d print or lasercut brackets to connect stuff together. It's my first project with openbeam so I'm learning a few things while working with it. This includes cutting it nicely and different ways to connect it all. I settled on lasercutting some l-corners. The plan is to lasercut some white acrylic for the sides.

Current Status

About half of the frame is built. I also started collecting various bit and pieces for the rest. Current project inventory includes the following:

It took a while but I'm glad I'm up and running. Expect lot more frequent updates and photos :)