A project log for AAGriculture (Automated Aquaponic Garden)

An ongoing attempt to subsidize my foodly needs and maybe provide a template for others to use for their own homes.

justinjustin 06/21/2015 at 04:560 Comments

I thought I might post a bit of an update here, I've made some slow progress and with some motivation I hope to be able to have something to show here pretty soon. I've created a Github page here: in trying to get 3 sensors working on Teensy-LC I've taken the test code from AtlasScientific's page and sort of cobbled it together here with the SerialCommand library written by Steven Cogswell

It's been a lot of fun reading up on all of this, I've never attempted anything like this before so it's tough but very rewarding. The code I have posted on Github doesn't actually work yet, it's sort of just a cobbled together mess of the probe's demo code and my interpretation of how SerialCommand works. Ideally I want to be able to send commands to the Teensy over the usb Serial connection which will then perform the defined functions, e.g. PH ON or PH OFF. There will be 3 sensors and only 1 monitor so I'll need a way to switch between them, and that's what this is for.