Creating the Concept

A project log for An IOT Device That Tells Dad the Stove is Off.

An Internet of Things Device to Let My Aging, Disabled Father Know that the Stove is Off, and Ease His Paranoia...

Dave NghiemDave Nghiem 03/31/2015 at 02:170 Comments

I'm a sketch artist. I've spent most of my life doodling or sketching, and I always carry a sketchbook, a box of colored pencils and graphite, and a watercolor pan with brushes. Funny thing is, while I've spent most of my life sketching my main favorite subjects, which is pinup art and motorcycles - I even have a deviant art gallery here: My Gallery, I also have a thing for technical readouts and diagrams, flow charts and mind maps. So, naturally, when forming the concept designs for this product, I reach right away for my sketch book and box of colored pencils, and came up with this.

What a lot of people don't realize is that engineering is a form of technical art. In fact, the term "technology" has its root in the greek word, "techne", which means "art with practical application."

I consider the highest form of expression in the high tech space is one who's able to take technology, and creatively express it. That is art. Coming up next, the concept function flow...