Status for June 02

A project log for Improve the Haber process

See if ultrasonic cavitation can be used to fixate atmospheric Nitrogen less expensively than the Haber process.

peter-walshPeter Walsh 06/03/2015 at 01:280 Comments

Current status:

1) Software development of the controller board is coming along

2) Measuring frequency and pulse width on an Arduino at 30kHz is a hard problem

3) ...but I think I have it sorted with some additional hardware. Adds a dime to the build cost.

4) I've built a gas collection system

5) I can generate (and collect) Hydrogen and Nitrogen as needed for the project.

6) I'll soon start building the cavitation system

I was busy with personal obligations, so abbreviated report this week.

The driver and controller board are working well enough that morphing them into a mature hacker-friendly project is straightforward, and this can happen over June and July at a more leisurely pace. Further updates will probably say "nothing of interesting going on", except for the occasional demo.

Time for some chemistry!

I built Nitrogen and Hydrogen generators, as well as a gas collection system. My plan is to generate 1.5L of Hydrogen and 0.5L of Nitrogen, giving 2L of the correct ratio of gases for experimentation. Two litres (at a time) should be plenty for near-term experiments.

Here's a video of the system generating Nitrogen: