Indoor Farming Controller and Sensor Hub

Monitoring, connecting, and controlling aeroponic, hydroponic, and soil based indoor farms with open hardware.

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In order to grow our food closer to home in the winter, as well as save water and space, we wanted to grow our food indoors and aeroponically. Farms like ours keep getting more complex, and we couldn't find any good ways to control our farm. To enable others to farm indoors, we are making a system to make indoor farming smarter and controllable over the web. The system will keep the plant's environment optimal, and allow the gardener to monitor their plants over the web, change the plant's environment with their phone, and get alerts when something goes wrong.

The system will be modular and extensible, not only with our boards but with off the shelf hardware. It will use sensors like air and water temperature, soil moisture, humidity, CO2, and many others, and keeps them at the optimal levels for the plants with devices like valves, fans, lights, heaters and pumps. All the hardware is open source so that you can develop your own modules and even modify it for your own needs.

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AVR (lordKiCAD) wrote 05/03/2015 at 21:54 point

Hi, it seems we are doing very similar projects :

I look forward to seeing how your's develops!

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Bruce Merlo wrote 06/13/2015 at 21:16 point

Hi Adam we are developing a unique fiber optic soil moisture sensor.  All of our innovations are Creative Commons Protected.  Sensorica collaborates with, Affiliates all over the World, innovations that are created or already done will be logged as equity, in our value accounting system.  If you are interested, I can send you some documentation on some projects that were are in the process of advancing.


Bruce Merlo

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