Electronic TinyLibrary

Project to aid in the sharing of educational resources
(Books, maker tools, kits... anything!)

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The scope of this project is to design and build a Tiny Library that will be able to securely store and supply books, electronics kits, and other educational resources to humans.

(Stuff) = anything the eTinyLibrary can hold. Books, electronics (components, development boards, ect...)

Some preliminary features:

- Electronic lock that logs users usage
- (Stuff) log that notifies members of (stuff) available in the eTinyLibrary
- App(lication) that encourages users to leave (stuff) reviews, and discuss materials, as well as notifies users of (stuff) availability and new (stuff)
- Crowdfunding for (stuff) community would like added to eTinyLibrary
- Modular design to allow add-on of more eTinyLibrary modules

Some ideas for expansion:

- Public Library or MakerSpace version to house a variety of electronics/software learning kits that cover a range of topics from programming, software, hardware, electronics, and more.

- Mobile Tiny Library (drone???)

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David Shamblin wrote 03/12/2015 at 17:39 point

To get started, you might want to look at David Darts's PirateBox project. It sounds like you want to take it a little further, but you might get some good ideas there. 

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