3D printed waterproof enclosure

A project log for SauronPi - autonomous Raspi camera

Standalone or network camera based on a Raspberry Pi A+

Audrey RobinelAudrey Robinel 03/30/2016 at 01:020 Comments

I decided to design an enclosure for this project for 3D printing. I want it to be waterproof, and functionnal. I'm finishing the design, but here is what it looks like :

The box is parametric, and dimensions can be adjusted. In this version, it contains up to 3 18650B lipo cells, 3 buttons, a mount for the Raspberry pi A+ and the camera. In the front of the box, a thicker part can be seen. The central hole is the camera hole, and the 4 holes around it are here to secure a sun protection for the camera in order to keep it from being over-exposed and having washed out pictures. This part secures with screws, and has a gasket.

Of course, there is a lid that is not here so that we can see the internals. The lid is secured onto the box using the 6 holes on top (the gasket is secured the same way) :

Inside the box, we can see the 3 battery slots (the number of slots can be set, by default, it puts as many of those as possible given a selected Y dimension. 6 pillars are visible, with central holes. This is to secure the electronics plate onto this. This plate is 0.5mm smaller on each side in order to easily fit in the box, and then secured with screws.

On the back of the box, there are 3 holes for 16mm buttons, each one with it's gasket. The number of buttons can also be adjusted, as well as their radius. In all cases, everything is evenly spread on the first level.

I want to add holes similar to the camera hole at the back and sides, whith lids to close those openings for waterproofing. Those holes will serve as cables pass-through , be it for solar panel input, or an LCD panel (again, i have a plan for sealing the LCD and make it waterproof).

Weather or not the holes are present can be defined in the scad file (set a variable to 1 to have the holes, and 0 to have plain walls), so that if needs be, the box can be adapted. The camera hole can be removed in the same way. This would be a way to reinforce the waterproofing for immersion, for instance.

The camera hole should hold up some pressure, but i don't expect the buttons to be immersion proof, only splash proof. Hence removing the buttons in that case. The front camera sun protection could also in that case be replaced with a plexiglas sheet.

Also note the slopes on the top lips, this is meant to make printing easy, without supports. I had plans for a rectangular LCD opening but it would make it harder to print without support, and i want the print to be easy.

See you in the next update!