Why were the UV-­badge sensors changed?

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wearable UV Index & weather sensor

x-labzx-labz 06/17/2015 at 19:480 Comments

The temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors have been changed to the Bosch BME280 integrated environmental sensor.


In the original concept it was planned to 'estimate' the UV Index using an si1132 sensor. Long, torturous development lead to a divorce from this idea, however;

some reasons:

More things about the si1132 operating method:

Totally unacceptable! With a slower MCU, using software or semi­-software I2C interface this can't be used! Usually I2C and SPI interfaces are static, can be driven as slow as you want.

So say good by to si1132 (sorry Silicon Labs...)

Say hello to ML8511!