Social Network for Internet of Things

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In the near future, the smartest products will connect not just to the Web but also to a whole network of people.There is a new wave of connected objects on the horizon. The real change will happen when products aren't just connected, but social. Instead of the Internet of Things, we should be thinking about the Social Network of Things. To take advantage of this shift, you need to start thinking about the social life of your products. is a common platform with added security features to share IoT sensor data among the users, which is more similar to a "Social Network for Internet of Things". It stores all the sensor data of the registered users in a graph database, and allowing others to subscribe to read and write to those sensors through a defined API, with some added security features. Once the user approved the read or write access to his device for another user, he can take control over the device according to his level of access permission.

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