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Better than human

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/21/2018 at 10:020 Comments

With the final surviving DM-01 revived again, there would definitely be fire, noise, & mane hair.

The DM-01 amplifier required 13V, so replaced it with the 12V TDA1517 amplifier which formerly pumped tunes on the lion kingdom's city robot, many years ago.  Mounting it in the enclosure involved packing material.  The gain was fixed to 5:1, leaving only the walkman to control volume.  With this much stripped down, it was still a brick but lighter than the 3.1lb burrito bag the lion kingdom drove 3 miles with.  

A 7.4 mile drive with speaker, walkman, & shirt burned 444mAh/mile.  The speaker burns 200mA.  It could only go 6 miles, while having enough reserve for the show. Radio reception definitely requires the flag pole.  PWM noise was horrible, manely when climbing hills.  It definitely needs a variable gain for any long term use.   Besides the noise issue, the sound was far superior to the bluetooth speaker.

It also made the lion kingdom ponder sticking on some light sticks & LED flashers, but nothing custom.  It should really have some patriotic music during the drive in & out.

If any fireworks were still within 10 miles, the bluetooth speaker would be a no brainer, but with the plan being a drive to within 3 miles of the show, it would be a shame if someone else had a louder radio.