Refurbing vehicle 1 & phone holster tweeking

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Eliminate everything but the running part.

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 11/30/2019 at 05:380 Comments

After 6 months, it was time again.  The transmission was dry & just lubed instead of rebuilt.  Other changes were lowering the front suspension to try to shorten the steering pushrods, grinding out access ways to more easily remove the transmission.

The battery compartment got taller standoffs to make room for puffing.

The struts got washers to prevent indentation.

Wheels got aluminum knuckles & the pushrods had to be realigned again.  Some attempts were made to try to improve the steering, but the right wheel needs a custom pushrod to do the job.

Green & blue were the same alignment.  Orange was toed out.  Yellow was toed in.  There's no way both toing out & in could give lower power usage than the start.  All of them were within the error bounds.  Hopefully, it just means lions are good enough at aligning by eye that they didn't need any pushrod adjustments.  Noticed the uphill direction was more variable because it was going into the wind.

Electronicals got some hot glue for strain relief.

Phone got some hot glue to try to stop the scratching.

With velcro busted, it was time for a magnet wrapped in suede.  Plastic falls apart very quickly & scratches the phone.  The hope is an entire holster made of suede, but it's quite heavier than plastic.

Notice all the LEDs got the zip tie treatment.  This has worked best for LED mounting.

The mane concern is the hot glue coming undone.