The SynthaSense Suit, Mark 2

A project log for SynthaSense Suit: Control Stuff With Your Muscles

A better human computer interface. A wearable sensor suit for controlling stuff using SEMG and body movement.

Dave NghiemDave Nghiem 05/13/2016 at 16:380 Comments

I've been working on evaluating platforms for the Mark 2 version of the SynthaSense Suit. Yup, it now has a name. I have these requirements.

Now, initially, I was going to build a completely custom system incorporating a microcontroller, and an artificial intelligence chip. I was very, VERY surprised to find out that the Arduino101 already incorporates a 128 node neural network into its design! And it already has an RTOS running on it. And even better yet, the board design is open sourced! With EagleCAD files! Holy crap! This saves me a ton of work. So, the next step is to get rid of the blinking LED's, and to incorporate the Arduino101 design with the analog designs into a custom board to start prototyping the Mark 2 of the sensor suite.