3D printed bicycle suspension

Replacing a rear suspension unit on a bicycle can be expensive, so I used a 3D printer and some cheap components to make one.

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I needed a new suspension unit for my electric bicycle, but couldn't find one that would fit my needs. The old one just crashed and clonked its way over bumps, and didn't really work. Inspired by Brompton cycles, I soon had a working suspension unit for not very many ££.

The suspension is made up of two anti vibration mounts with M10 threaded ends, and the end caps are made of PLA that I found in the bottom of a cupboard after a clear out. Hence the unusual colour. I tapped a M10 thread for only one rubber anti vibration unit, the other one is just pushed in. I've put about 250 miles on this unit so far.

As for cost, the two anti vibration mounts were about £5 each and the PLA worked out at £1.40


You'll need two of these to make the suspension unit.

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 643.64 kB - 02/05/2018 at 17:49


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