Quantity   Component name
1 × Surplus 8x IV-6 VFD Tube board Purchased a bunch on eBay for around $6 a pop. These are still available from several sellers.
1 × MAX6934 32-output VFD Driver IC Essentially a 32-bit shift register with a high-voltage buffer built in.
1 × Custom PCB EAGLE board file and schematic available for download in the description
1 × PLCC-44 Through Hole socket For mounting the MAX6934 on the PCB
1 × ATMega328p microcontroller (TQFP) The brains of the control board. Essential for making a self contained clock.
1 × DC-DC Conversion Module (36 volt output) Steps up the 5 volts to the 36+ required for VFD tube operation
1 × LM317 voltage regulator For generating the 1.9v filament supply for the tubes.
1 × DS3231 Real Time Clock module Allows for super accurate timekeeping and battery backup of the time
1 × Assorted resistors, capacitors, and connectors See the schematic and images.