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A project log for 12 channel LED controller

A MQTT controlled 12 channel LED dimmer for home use

markus-kastenMarkus Kasten 05/27/2018 at 11:170 Comments

I haven't been writing updates for months now .. great. I'm currently quite busy with university and other projects, so there is not a whole lot of time left to work on the LED controller sadly. 

I recently implemented some basic functionality to read and write configuration to the EEPROM. While this works quite okay, I noticed a significant flaw in my hardware design: There is no way to detect a powerdown and save to the EEPROM then, so the only way to save the current configuration is to do periodic or event-based writes. Depending on how this is implemented, it can wear the EEPROM quite a lot more than I'd like. I'll have to put a few more thoughts in how I'll accomplish that. 

The next "bigger" task is to improve the reliability of the WiFi and MQTT connection. Currently the behaviour on a WiFi or MQTT disconnect is rather unknown, it might reconnect, or maybe not, or might flood the network with reconnects, I don't really know. Ideally the MQTT just tries to reconnect every X seconds when the connection is gone, and when the WiFi is gone I'd like it to behave like a Chromecast. Try to reconnect, otherwise create a provisioning access point to set up a new connection.

Basic MQTT functionality is working quite good so far, I can control individual channels or groups of channels with Home Assistant, and the controller is reporting back on what the current values are. 

I hope I can find a little more time in the future, but the next weeks aren't looking promising. We'll see.