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A project log for 12 channel LED controller

A MQTT controlled 12 channel LED dimmer for home use

markus-kastenMarkus Kasten 02/20/2018 at 20:100 Comments

I'm currently waiting for some parts to arrive, mainly the WINC module. Since I never had one on hand I'd like to evaluate it works the way I think it does and fits my footprint before sending the design off to the PCB fab. I also haven't done a final check to make sure there are no errors left in the design, I'll do that once I know all my footprints are fine.

The firmware is also work in progress, but I can only do so much without the module connected. The basic stuff is done, but all the interesting bits are still missing.

I also decided today that I'll be licensing the hardware design files under the TAPR Open Hardware License, this license seems like a good mix between openness and still preserving some control over what happens with your project to me.

My goal is to get the PCBs ordered next week or so and have a board assembled to a point where basic functionality works by the end of March, but well, Murphy is gonna get me anyway.