Rudiments of Text

A project log for Oscilloscope Vector Game Display

Raspberry Pi (or Linux) vector display using audio output

Ted YapoTed Yapo 02/11/2018 at 03:030 Comments

As far as I can tell, retro games need text for three reasons: to display the score, to show off awesome FPS values, and to allow you to enter your high-score initials as "ASS".  I've managed two out of three, and will soon have the last.

So far, I've only made glyphs for 0-9, F, P, and S.  If I add A, the initials thing will be done.  The remaining letters and symbols are just a matter of keying in some more points.  There's room for refinement, obviously - the 5 and S are the same at the moment, for example.

The text is a little big, because I developed it on a scope with a tiny screen.  On this one, it should be a bit smaller.  That's just a parameter in the render_text() call, though, so is easily adjusted.

You can see the extra dots inserted by the interpolating DAC on this adapter.  In a space-type game, they might even be mistaken for "detail."

This scope is also a little jittery; it hasn't aged well.

I also used a goto in my C code.  And checked it into GitHub.  It's truly liberating.