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A project log for The home cinema table

A table specialized for storing home cinema equipment

ysteinØystein 08/05/2018 at 21:140 Comments

Finally I have started the actual fabrication of this table. This has taken forever to start. The three  layers of the table top has now been machined. it consists of two layers of valcromat hdf and one layer of birch plywood.

As you can see it needs sanding and a clean up in the edges.

the Birch plywood did not like my 1/2 inch 3-flute upcut milling bit as it splintered quiet a lot on the top edges. This was "solved" with some sanding. It doesn't really matter as this layer is the middle one.

The last Layer is the most interesting one. It has cutouts for a Phillips hue lightstrip. This is a similar solution to the one I made for my other project the workbench . This will enable me to more easily see what buttons I am pushing when operating the equipment in the shelves below the tabletop. All the others light in the apartment is Phillips hue lights as well so that is nice. Can't wait to continue working on this project!